I have been asked many times to teach people what I know about telling stories with video. Through all of these experiences I developed a hands on teaching process called Movie Games.  These have been embraced by Neptune Theatre School, ViewFinders Film Festival, Literacy Nova Scotia, People First Nova Scotia and Acadia University’s School of Education.

Michael Corbett, Professor of Education at Acadia University, wrote the following about this work in his book, “Improvising The Curriculum” Routledge 2016..  To paraphrase: “Equipped with cultural tools like smart phones, people today are called upon to improvise and share their stories in a continuously connected world….   There are three fundamental ideas behind these activities…  Improvisation, Ensemble and Inclusion…”

This process creates safe space for all people to participate and develop self confidence….   Here my friends from People First Kings County share their thoughts….

Learn more about Movie Games by clicking  HERE.       A new kind of creative team sport is arising out of this.  It’s called Video Improv.  Teams compete in timed Movie Games.  Learn more here:  Video Improv

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