All of the examples of work you see here are solo productions.  All Direction, Shooting and Editing is done by me in close collaboration with my client.

Most recent examples are at top of list.

This was a collaboration with Musician, Kim Bishop, and volunteers from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 006 in Kentville, Nova Scotia.


This award winning  short documentary was produced by Robert Hessian.   here is the trailer which has a link to the full work below.


This was produced by Kunle Major-Abekeyin.  Another fun collaboration.


This was made in collaboration with Peter Biro.

This was made for Dick Groot.

This was made for Jamie Junger and the Jungernauts.

Get the record by clicking:  Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

This was made for and with Paula Rockwell.

I’m On My Way Home from Kimberly Smith on Vimeo.

This is a commision for Susan Harvie, Barb Gillis and John Ghosn.

The Ryan’s Park Story from Kimberly Smith on Vimeo.

This is a commission I did for photographer, Dick Groot.

CLOSURE from Richard Groot on Vimeo.

Here’s one I made for local songwriter, Mike Aubé.

Here is one made for Acadia’s SMILE Program.

This was for The Alexander Society for Special Needs.

Here’s one I made for the Housing First Association of Kings County.

These were made for my friends at People First Kings County.

Here are some made for Wolfville Farmers’ Market.

Here are some made for BALLE Nova Scotia.

Note that the following are mini documentaries of workshops made solo

without scripts and two camcorders.  The idea was to capture the essence

for learners who could not attend the live workshops.

Thanks for making it this far. There is more but I figure you get the idea by now.