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Songs From the 2002 Album “Only Human” by Kimberly Smith

All selections are registered with SOCAN. Enjoy listening. I’d love to read your comments about these songs.

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creative action digital video

Selected video projects completed from 1997 to present:

  • Wolfville Farmers Market Channel on You Tube.
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  • Valley Learners TV Channel on You Tube.
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  • Literacy Nova Scotia Channel on You Tube.
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  • Kings County TV Channel on You Tube.
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  • Beyond Sex 10 minutes, Mini DV
    Teen Parents talk about their struggles in this wonderfully frank short video that was produced with a grant from The Eastern Kings Memorial Health Foundation.
  • Forging Hope 14 minutes, Mini DV
    Long term offenders, volunteers and corrections officers talk about the plan to build a spiritual retreat called the Saint Luke’s Renewal Centre at the Springhill Corrections Centre. This video was produced by The Christian Council for Reconcilliation to raise the money to build Saint Luke’s Renewal Centre. The video worked better than we dreamed. $300,000.00 was raised in less than a year and the centre has been built! Click here to learn more.
  • The Creative Arts Play Group 20 minutes, Mini DV
    We knew our son Brendon learned best through arts based activities. So we initiated a process that led to the creation of a new option for special needs kids called The Creative Arts Play Group. This video describes the process behind the strategy that was so effective, it led to the establishment of The Alexander Society for Special Needs.
  • Creative Arts For Teens 10 minutes, Mini DV
    The Creative Arts Play Group was designed for little kids. So Creative Arts For Teens was set up. This video has testimonials from teachers and parents who were blown away.
    Click here to learn more.
  • The Inclusion Project 10 minutes, Mini DV
    Black Box Productions hired me to shoot this short documentary about how the business community of Wolfville embraced a special service provided by Tammy Parker which she named “Beck and Call”.
  • The Three Dimensional World of Joshua Kalfa 15 minutes, Mini DV
    The distinctive sculptures of Joshua Kalfa can be found in the gardens and homes of some of Canada’s most discriminating collectors of fine art.
    Click here to see video
  • Ash Dreams 22 minutes, Mini DV
    I made this video portrait of Nat Fulton who has a profound spiritual relationship with the ash trees he lives with. He talks about the equation of life, makes outrageous music and confesses his struggle with alcoholism. Bravo Canada bought a four year broadcasting license. This solo production was my national broadcasting debut.
  • The Helping Hands of E.I.I.S. 23 minutes, Mini DV
    The Western Regional Child and Youth Action Committee of Nova Scotia hired me to create a video about Early Identification and Information Services which was instituted to detect Autism Spectrum Disorder earlier and provide more effective early intervention.
    Learn more.
  • Building A Culture of Peace 15 minutes. Mini DV
    Peace Makers hired me to tell their story about providing mediation services and training people in non violent conflict resolution.
  • The First Hundred Years of Kings Mutual 20 minutes, Mini DV
    Annapolis Valley Audio Visual hired me to direct this wonderful history about a group of farmers from Berwick, Nova Scotia who decided to help each other insure their farms for less and how they grew to be a leader in fire prevention.
    Learn more.
  • Stewards of Evangeline Beach 15 Minutes, Mini DV and Beta SP
    Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources instituted The Fundy Shore Bird Project at Evangeline Beach to involve residents in a community supported habitat conservation effort. Scientists and residents talk about the uniqueness of the migrating shore bird habitat at Evangeline Beach and the Minas Basin. This video contains breathtaking images of huge flocks of shore birds in flight.
  • Lessons For Champions 21 minutes, Mini DV
    Nova Scotia Association for Community Living commissioned this vitally important crash course in effective advocacy for people who require special care. We interviewed leading community advocates, families, individuals, social workers and politicians.
  • Yes We Can! 38 minutes, Mini DV
    Hants County Community Access Network and Windsor People First Society commissioned this creative promotion of inclusive employment. We imagined what public access community television would look like if it included more people and we came up with a variety of ideas ranging from advocacy to promotions of small businesses and services to interviews with leaders in employment equity.
    Learn about Windsor People First Society.
  • Walking The Literacy Mile 34 minutes, Mini DV
    The Kings County Learning Association commissioned this video to help enlist volunteers, raise awareness and financing. We conceived four movies in one as a way to make the presentation as flexible as possible. The resulting DVD allows viewers a choice of four separate short videos – each focused on a different aspect of KCLA.
    Learn More
  • S.M.I.L.E. 8 minutes, Mini DV
    The Acadia University Sensory Motor Instructional Leadership Experience is a wonderful program that pairs over two hundred university students with developmentally challenged children. We created a DVD and prepared compressed video files for display on the S.M.I.L.E. web site.
  • Weymouth Medley 10 minutes, Mini DV
    Larkman and Associates contracted this heritage video which includes the aural history of the Weymouth area as told by elders who had lived their whole lives there. We created a DVD with 100 minutes of interview material from the elders. This is part of a video installation in the new Sissiboo Landing Centre in Weymouth, Nova Scotia.

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